Olympic Games 1904 - St. Louis

The marathon was held on August 30, 1904. The lenght of the race was 40 kilometers and 32 athletes from 4 nations competed. The American marathoner Lorz stopped running because of exhaustion after nine miles. His manager gave him a lift in his car for the next eleven miles, after which it broke down. Lorz then continued on foot back to the Olympic stadium, where he broke the finishing line tape and was greeted as the winner of the race. It was disqualified. Thomas Hicks is the official winner of the marathon, followed by French athlete Albert Coray (the International Olympic Committee medal database still refers him incorrectly as American).


Thomas J.HicksUnited States of America3:28:53
AlbertCorayUnited States of America3:34:52
ArthurNewtonUnited States of America3:47:33
DavidKneelandUnited States of America
HenryBrawleyUnited States of America
SidneyHatchUnited States of America
LenTauSouth Africa
11°F. P.DevlinUnited States of America
12°JanMashianiSouth Africa
13°JohnFurlaUnited States of America

Did not finish

DNFEdward P.CarrUnited States of America
DNFRobertFowlerUnited States of America
DNFJohnFoyUnited States of America
DNFWilliamGarciaUnited States of America
DNFBertieHarrisSouth Africa
DNFThomas J.KennedyUnited States of America
DNFJohnLordonUnited States of America
DNFSamuelMellorUnited States of America
DNFFrankPierceUnited States of America
DNFGuyPorterUnited States of America
DNFMichaelSpringUnited States of America

Did not start


DISFrederickLorzUnited States of America

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