Olympic Games 1900 - Paris

The men's marathon was held on July 19, 1900. Thirteen athletes from five nations competed in the event, which used a distance of 40.260 kilometers. Michel Théato was originally assumed to be French, before it was discovered in the late 20th century that he was from Luxembourg. The International Olympic Committee still credits this medal for France, however. The marathon race, which began at 2:30 p.m. on a day with temperatures reaching nearly 40 degrees Celsius, wound through the streets of Paris. Thirteen runners started, though only twelve finished the four laps around the track that preceded the road running. Touquet-Daunis led until he withdrew from the competition, at which point Fast took over. Fast had tired himself trying to keep pace with the French, however, and was passed by Théato and Champion before long. Seven runners finished the race.


ArthurNewtonUnited States of America4:04:12
DickGrantUnited States of America
Ronald J.MacDonaldCanada

Did not finish

DNFE. IonPoolGreat Britain
DNFFrederickRandallGreat Britain
DNFWilliamSawardGreat Britain

Did not start


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